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Dear Valued Customer,


As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best technology possible in support of your business we have made some dramatic changes this week. In respond to your requests for additional features and functionality we find it necessary, from time to time, to update our code with the newest languages and programming techniques available. Some of these changes are noticeable to you and some are not. In this instance the changes will be immediately apparent.


We have redesigned the look and feel of our pages to allow for better speed, scalability for a range of screen sizes and a striking new look. Our location layout has not changed with few exceptions. We feel this design provides a cleaner display of content and will allow you to access your important data more quickly. This update will be a great improvement to all users who use MaxCon on mobile devices or on large computer monitors.


Although we do not anticipate any issues with this change please use our ticket system, located in the help menu, if you find any mistakes we made. Let us know what you think about our new look.


Please send your feedback to me directly.




Jason Archambo


MaxCon Construction Software